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Merge file parts the easy way with Data Tape. Got files that had to be broken into smaller pieces for distribution? Got files you need to break up into smaller pieces for distribution? This is the app for you.

Share Large Data

Data Tape 3 is an application that can piece together file segments that have been broken down for ease of sending. It can also do the breaking down, if you have a file (or a collection of files) that are too large to feasibly send in the circumstances. Files can be compressed into—and extracted out of—.zip files, making them even smaller and easier to send. In this manner you can also send entire folders as split files, rather than single files only. Data Tape 3 has some compatibility with Safari, allowing it to work its magic on downloaded file parts directly through the browser. Data Tape 3 is compatible with HJSplit, and can deal with a number of common file part formats.


It's worth noting that this is the free version, and there are restrictions in place to encourage you to buy the full version. There is also a 1GB limit on how large your file parts can be, which feels a bit restrictive these days.


  • Works with Safari
  • Compatible with HJSplit


  • Free version lacks some features
  • Maximum file part size feels too small

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Data Tape 3


Data Tape 3 3.0 for Mac

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